Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spelling Bee

I learned how to spell at an early age.  One would think that once you made it to college you would know how to spell the easy words at least.  Well, Saturday night at the OU game I was proved wrong.  Mickey and I were waiting on the game to start and the Texas Tech team was about to run out on the field.  Well, just like every other college football team, the cheerleaders run ahead of the team and carry flags that spell out the team name.  For instance, the OU cheerleaders spell SOONERS and the Texas Tech cheerleaders spell TECH.  At least they were supposed to spell TECH.  As I was watching them run out on the field, I noticed something was wrong and other people were saying it was spelled wrong.  I looked at the flags and sure enough, they couldn't even spell a four letter word that I'm sure they see on a daily basis.  The flags spelled out TCEH.  It's only four letters, how can you mess that up?  And in front of 85,646 people?  I thought it was funny.

The game was a lot more fun, but that is one of the memorable moments from a memorable night.  If I ever have to carry flags that spell something, I will make sure they are in the right order.

Boomer Sooner!!!