Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life Update

I know it’s been a while since I updated on life. It’s still the same…crazy. I have been busy with school and trying to figure out what is wrong with my throat. I finally went to the gastroenterologist and had an endoscopy done. He told my mom that everything went fine. I don’t really know because I was out of it. I do know that I still feel the same thing I felt before, just not as bad. I have to go back to the doctor on May 11th for a follow-up. Hopefully we will figure something out.

School is still the same. It is keeping me busy. This semester will be over on Thursday and I can’t wait. I will have three weeks off until the summer semester starts. I am taking a class during the month of June that will last 16 nights. Basically we are cramming 16 weeks of class into 16 nights of class. I am going to need a LOT of prayers in June. I will still be working full time as well as driving back and forth from Norman. It should be interesting to say the least.

That's all I got for now. Hope you enjoyed the picture of Boomer.

What NOT to Wear…Kasie style

As everyone knows, I REALLY like to people watch. I also like to evaluate what other people are wearing. It's something I have done for as long as I can remember, at least since high school. So the other day I was getting ready for a presentation in my accounting/finance class and was "evaluating" what everyone was wearing. The class was supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. but this kid decides to show up at 5:45 while his group had been working on the slideshow since before 5:30. He walked into the classroom in a shirt with no sleeves and a V-neck. He said he didn't have air-conditioning in his car so he was going to go change. When he came back, he had on a button-up shirt, tie and dress pants. Now you are thinking "What is wrong with that outfit?" Well, he had no belt. That is one fashion mistake that drives me crazy. So in looking at this kid, I got to thinking about some of the other fashion faux-pas that drive me crazy. Here are few. Enjoy (and pray you don't do any of these)!

  1. Shirt tucked in and no belt

How dorky does this look? If you are going to tuck in your shirt, you must wear a belt. Which leads me into number 2.

  1. Black and brown don't mix

You should always make sure that your belt/shoes/coat match. I get onto my sister about this one all the time.

  1. Furry boots and shorts

This is not cute. Either you are cold, or you are hot. It isn't both. What is the point in wearing the boots for winter if you are going to barely cover the rest of your body? I don't get it.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. Those are the big ones though. Just remember that if you are out in public you are fair game for me to evaluate.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Where in the world have I been?

It's been a while since I have updated. I haven't really had time to update anything, including my own calendar. School and work seem to take up most of my time. I did take 2 ½ days of vacation since I was going to lose them anyway. Why not spend the time off working on homework. That sounds like fun doesn't it? Maybe. So, not much has been going on. I am over halfway through my second semester of grad school. It has been a bumpy ride this semester since I am taking more than one class and still working full-time. One of my teachers in crazy and I can't seem to comprehend what is going on in that class, but I still have an A. Thank goodness for participation points. My other class is interesting and I really like it. The discussions get you thinking. It's also something that everyone who has a job has to deal with (Human Resources). I like that class because the professors make it interesting.

I did make time last night to attend the Sweet Sixteen games for the Oklahoma City Regional. That was a lot of fun except for the old people who know nothing about basketball that were sitting around me. I got to sit behind the OU bench and had a blast. After I was able to ignore the stupid comments from the old people and focus on the game, that is. The first game on Sunday night was at 6:30, so Mom and I went up early. I recorded the second half of the men's game and was going to try not to hear the outcome until I got home to watch it. That didn't work out so well. The first thing we see when we walk into the Ford Center is about 8 million TV's with the game being broadcast. If that wasn't enough, the old guy that was sitting in front of us decided to tell me the score as soon as he got to his seat. I tried to tell him that I was recording it and didn't want to know, but he told me anyway. I just decided I was going to know either way and was happy I picked UNC to win.

I guess this is a long enough break from homework and studying.

One question…When did you realize you had become an adult?

I realized I was an adult when I started getting paid like one and didn't have to borrow money from Mom all the time. It was an even bigger realization when I started back to school and still had to work full time. When you have to juggle more than one thing at a time, life seems to sneak up on you.

That's all for now


Monday, February 16, 2009

Renters Remorse...

Have you ever rented a movie only to find out it wasn't what you thought it was going to be? I did that last night. I got home from hanging out with the youth kids from church and really needed to unwind (a few were driving me crazy). I was tired of doing homework and wanted to watch a movie. So, I turned to the OnDemand channel to see some of the new releases. I was going through the movies and saw "My Best Friends Girl" with Dane Cook and Kate Hudson in it. I read on the screen that it was the unedited version but didn't think anything of it. I thought I was going to get a funny movie about some relationships. I was right, but I was also wrong. The movie had no laugh out loud moments for me. And it had a lot of words that I would rather not hear (and I would rather my mother not hear while she is trying to sleep in the next room). So I kept the volume down most of the movie so it would wake her up.

About five minutes into the movie I realized I was probably not going to like the movie, but I had just spent $4.99 on it and I was going to watch it. I ended up watching the whole movie. It was not the best or funniest movie in the world, and it was definitely not worth the $5 I spent on it, but I guess it was OK. I will definitely make sure I know what movie I am purchasing before I purchase it next time. I thought I had heard about this movie before and that it was going to be funnier. I guess I was thinking of another movie.

It did remind me of Hitch though and that is a pretty good movie.

It was nice to be able to watch a movie though and not think about work or school for 2 hours. I will have to do this again. Only next time I will know what movie I am going to buy so I won't have renter's remorse again.

On a good note, I am headed to watch Madagascar 2 with the family later this afternoon. I KNOW that movie will be a good one to watch.

Until next time...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008…A Year in Review

As everyone knows, I am a huge sports fan. Many people are calling 2008 one of the most memorable years in sports in history. Well, the year 2008 was not as kind to me individually. I had some rough times, but I think they only made me stronger and wiser. Now, don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun this year but I also had some struggles that I would rather move past and start fresh. The year started off pretty good until I was involved in my first wreck that was my fault. I hit a lady on the interstate and jacked up my new car. L I got that fixed and then a few weeks later I was caught speeding and received my second ticket ever (first was due to the wreck). Needless to say I learned that one should not speed and I am the one in the slow lane most of the time now. J Then I decided to punish myself and apply for grad school and start in the fall at the University of Central Oklahoma. I was accepted to the MBA program and began my first semester in August. I knew there was going to be a lot of work involved in the whole process but I didn't know I would be reading entire textbooks in weeks, much less the entire semester. I don't think I have ever finished an entire textbook in a class and we finished two plus read about 45 articles. I met some fun people in my class and I hope I will be able to keep the friendships as we move through the program. I was able to stay focused while also working full time (overtime most of the semester) and make an A in the class. I was pretty proud of that accomplishment. I was so proud of myself that I enrolled in two classes for the spring semester. When I thought the year was almost over and it was going to turn out to be pretty decent, I jacked my car up again. I was headed to work and hit some ice and my car decided that it didn't want to make the turn. I hit the curb and pretty much made my car where it didn't want to go straight anymore. I did more damage this time than in my first wreck. I also found out that when you pay your deductible for auto insurance, it's for each claim. Yes, that means you have to pay your deductible each time you file a claim. Granted, most people don't have more than one claim in a year, but if for some reason you do, be ready to pay again. So, I was without a car for two weeks over Christmas. I also cracked a tooth right before Christmas and had to have crown.


Everything that happened this year was not all bad, but as you can tell, they were events that will make an impression on the year. When I look back on the year, I will remember the wrecks and tickets, but I will also remember that OU went to the National Championship game and that Sam Bradford won the Heisman Trophy over Colt McCoy. I will also remember that my brother-in-law came home safely from a deployment in Iraq. I will also remember my first semester of grad school. I will also remember that precious Kyla was born this year and she is one of the cutest and happiest babies.


I am looking forward to 2009 because I don't think it can be any worse than 2008. I am going to continue my quest of completing my master's as well and continuing to work full time. Hopefully at some point I will not be living with my mother and I will meet someone special. I think I will look at this New Year as a time to make things better for myself. I am going to cherish my friends and spend as much time with them as possible. I am also going to rearrange my bedroom furniture and start the New Year off with a new perspective.


Happy New Year to all. I hope you have as much fun with it as you can.


Boomer Sooner!!! Beat the Gators!!!