Saturday, June 11, 2011

A little friendly competition...

Starting on Monday (June 13th) I am going to be in a “competition” with Paul and Sam on who can lose the most weight in the next 6 weeks.  I use the term “competition” loosely because we there isn’t anything at stake at the end of this.  Only the fact that whoever wins will have bragging rights over the other two.  We are being fair though and having Tammy weigh us so no one can cheat.  Not that any of us would, but you never know.  It is going to be fun and interesting at the same time.   

I actually started my weight loss around Thanksgiving so I have been working on it a lot longer than the other two.  I’ve been running more and working out at the gym the last few weeks, which has been nice because I’m not getting bored doing the same thing everyday.  My current goal is to be down at least 20 pounds (I’m currently at 18.2) by June 25th, which is the weekend of the Newman Reunion.  That’s only 1.8 pounds in the next two weeks.  If I keep up with my workouts I will meet that goal, no problem.  I’ll let you know if when I get there.  My next goal will be 10-15 more pounds.  Then I will be happy.  It’s going to be a long road and there might be some detours, but I am going to stick with it and say healthy this time.  I don’t need to join Weight Watchers for a 4th time!!

So, for the next few weeks I am going to try and be on my best behavior when it comes to food and working out.  This isn’t going to be as hard as it sounds because I know what I need to be doing, I just don’t always make the right decisions.

I’ll keep you updated on the “competition” and let you know how I’m doing compared to the boys.  Things might get interesting around here…

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